April 27, 2017
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Here Are Some Homeschooling Methods – The Dos and Don’ts – How TUAC (Train Up A Child)

We are responsible for our children’s education throughout their development growth. Homeschooling can play a significant part during the most important period in a child’s development but you need all the proper methods for all that home education entails.
The most wonderful thing about Homeschoolling is that you can use any method to suit you and your children’s educational needs. Whether you are a new beginner or a veteran to home education there is always room to learn, change or enhance the method you began with or presently use. Once you have a method that is productive and you are satisfied with it keep doing what you are doing; but if you are not satisfied with the method you are using don’t get stuck on it make some changes to it.

Here are some methods I’ve used that helped me with my home education program, it got me into a smooth rhythm and brought success:

Work at a Pace Most Comfortable
Some children are particularly interested in doing more so let them have more books to read. Until they are familiar with homeschooling, just for now, allow them to take things at the pace they are willing to go without too much pressure. They will eventually pick up the pace.

Do Not Compare your children’s learning ability with each other. Regardless of how you decide to home educate or what method you use remember that with each child learning will become different.

Do Have all of your children to work at their own pace but help them to understand it is important to complete the work and get it over with. It would be great and worth their while if they do get to finish ahead of time.

Each of my children were different. It wasn’t easy at first especially how they wanted to learn different things, and participate in different sports. Not all of my children wanted to work at the same time or the same pace, but they all got their work completed that was due by the end of the week.

Stay Organized
Once you have made your master schedule stick with it. If your children are interested in activities such as sports, music etc. your master schedule needs to be in a place you are able to see it first thing in the mornings. With the schedule I had I sometimes wished I were more than one person.

Do Not Allow your children to leave their rooms without making up their beds and cleaning the rooms, or begin their homeschooling work unless all chores are done.

Do Teach them to place the books back on the shelf when they are through with it, so when they need a particular book for today’s lesson they will not have to be searching all over the entire house looking for it. Place the smaller children’s books on the lower shelves so they can reach it themselves.

My husband always seems to be the one picking up after the children or wiping down the counter or the stove when the children forgot to do it. Not me I call them right back to do it. That do seems like the reverse doesn’t it? He and the eldest son are the two clean fanatics in the family. As long as everyone pitches in we stay organized.

Accept no calls
Your day will go that much smoother if you don’t become distracted by calls between the hours which you have set as your homeschooling time.

Do Not accept any calls once you have began your homeschooling program.

Do Let your family and friends know not to call you between the hours you have set for homeschooling unless it is an emergency.

My family and friends knew I am very adamant about that and they would either call very early in the mornings before we begin or in the evenings after we’re through for the day. They knew for an emergency to call my husband’s cell number.

Stay in the Rhythm Zone
Once you begin homeschooling and you get into a rhythm keep it going; but as your children grow and move into higher grade levels you’ll need to switch it up a bit. Some days they are not going to want to do any work. You don’t want to bore your children with the same routine so explore, inquire, keep learning, and keep it interesting.

Do Not concern yourself with how many times your children may grumble and complain. They will grumble that the work is boring. They will complain they have too much work.

Do Allow free time, but it should all be in your schedule before you begin. I can’t stress this enough, “Once you have set your schedule, have it all in place, you are in your rhythm zone stick with it!”

We made some changes but still manage to keep a constant rhythm going. As the parents it is our job to be firm and consistent. We stuck with the 5 Ps. We had to let our children, nieces and nephews know that not every day is going to be fun, but the school work has to be done.

Toddler Time
If your child is just a toddler and not quite 5 early childhood education is essential, but most toddlers need fun as they learn. It is wise to have them begin learning while they are yet young. Let them enjoy their early days of childhood without pressure.

Do Not Allow toddlers to disturb their older siblings while they are doing their assignments. This can become distracting causing the older ones to lose concentration.

Do Allow toddlers to do something constructive while the older ones are doing lessons. Maybe during this time you could have your younger ones color, draw, play educational games on the computer as well as you can find educational programs online for toddlers. During project time let them create something too.

We’ve had three toddlers under the age of 5 in our home, while five others were homeschooling. Thank goodness for my husband and the eldest son who had already graduated were there to give a helping hand. We kept the younger ones occupied. Try not to take the fun out of learning especially with your toddlers. Keep the fun in learning. Be stern but let them work, help, have fun, do fun things and go fun places.

Relating to Others and Learning Away from Home
Regardless of what you might have read and or heard about homeschoolers, they are not misfit nor are they introverts. Not because they are educated at home means that they don’t socialize with other people.

Do Not Allow your children to stay home all day and every day, neither keep them away from interacting with other children.

Do Let your family spend time with other families. They don’t all necessary have to be homeschooling families, let them get to know people of all ages. There is so much they can learn from both older and younger people, at home and away from home.

My children are extroverts; they know how to communicate with persons older and younger than they are. We’ve had them exposed to a plethora of work environment to help them with their career choices. They have been around and sat in the presence of our friends who are Doctors, Lawyers, CEOs, Bankers and Business Owners. My children are always comfortable and willing to speak with my friends because they can hold a very intelligent conversation.

Learning how to be Thankful
Children don’t understand until they are old enough to understand what you are teaching them. You’ve set your homeschoollig rules they are to be carried out despite the way they are feeling. Which means if they have to sit for the time you allocated then that is the time they must sit for and produce the required days assignments.

Do Not Allow them to frustrate you to the point you give up and send them back to a regular school environment.

Do Speak with your children and Teach them to be thankful that you are there taking the time to help them. The thanks and appreciation will come later.

The quote I use in my home with my children is one from my grandmother, Menell Gertrude Dames - the no nonsense woman, “One day you will thank me, it may not be now, it could be later, I may be dead and gone, but you will thank me.” I am most certainly thanking her to this day for all she instilled in me; I’ve passed it on to my children and now passing it on to my grand.

Your journey doesn’t have to be a lonely and frustrated one. There are lots of Brain Pumping methods you can use. You can find information in books, magazines, materials, virtual school programs and other online assistance which can help guide you so that you don’t feel lost or become frustrated on this journey.

Disclaimer: Homeschooling is not the topic that I blog on. I am not an expert to give you expert advice on the topic. But I do have several good years of experience doing so. I successfully home educated my children, a grandniece and a few nephews and grandnephews; along with helping other homeschooling moms when their children have problems with a subject or lesson.

My blogs are about
“How TUAC” (Train Up A Child). Several questions were asked of me about homeschooling and I thought to blog a few on it in response to those who inquire, for those who are doing some research and are in need of some questions answered.

I hope by me sharing my homeschooling methods and my top reasons for home educating has helped in some way. There are a whole lot of information out there that will also help and guide you. Best of luck to you on your journey!


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