June 7, 2017
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8 Top Things Fathers Teaches To Help Their Children Succeed - How TUAC (Train Up A Child)

It is important that fathers become exceedingly self-award of what their children’s ambition is in life so that they can help guide them toward their success.

Not every father is concern whether their children succeed or not. Some fathers live vicariously through their children’s success, some hate to know that their children might succeed where they have failed, some have a nonchalant attitude and neglect their children, whereas some fathers do their endeavor best to see that their children succeed no matter what.

Fathers who want their children to succeed help them and give them the support, guidance and encouragement they need to succeed. Any father who wants the best for their children and truly want to see them succeed do not have to be a successful billionaire, but he need to have a caring heart and believe in his children’s dreams.

Ways Fathers help their children succeed:

1 Teaches his children to build self-esteem
Before children go out into the world they need to build their self-esteem. They need to know their self-worth. Once they know who they are and taught to love themselves and where they came from, they will be able to handle anything and anyone in this cruel world. Having great confidence is the only way they would achieve amazing success in life.

2 Teaches his children to face their mistakes
Children will make mistakes, so they must prepare to encounter slip-ups in life. They have to face the consequences of the decisions they made on their own. By fathers sharing the significant mistakes that they made at their children’s age would help sons or daughters to avoid making those mistakes. If their children did make any mistake talking about it, they too would learn from that mistake and decide not to make the same mistake or for that matter promise never to do anything like it again.

3 Teaches his children to always be careful of choices
Fathers know that they are not the only influence on their children’s life. Their friends can become an even greater influence. Hopefully some of the relevant experiences they had and share with their children would help them to make good choices.

4 Teaches his children that they will be disappointed
The world is not an easy place to live in and not everyone’s nice. They will become disappointed. When that time comes they have to learn how to cope with it in order to get over it.

5 Teaches his children what happens to sluggards
Sluggards are lazy people who do not take actions. He has great potential but he has no specific goal or purpose planed out for his life so he easily becomes distracted.  He makes excuses for his lazy behavior which eventually will drive him to poverty. He has wasted so much time doing nothing and blaming others for his pathetic low life, and he will forever be naive about the poor condition he is in and what really caused it.

6 Teaches his children about idle hands
Idle hands is said to be the devil’s workshop or advocate. Idle hands meddle in everybody’s’ business except his own. Idle hands lead to destruction if they are not using their time productively. Therefore keeping them active while out of school; participating in sports, going to camps, music lessons, a job, helping with chores around the house, all can help prevent idle hands from getting into mischief.

7 Teaches his children to plan for the future
Making a 5 year plan helps guide children to the direction they need to go if they want success. Planning is like having a road map; it will not take you off from your course if you follow the direction. There is a saying that my father always said and my husband says to our children, “if you fail to plan then you plan to fail.” It’s as simple as that.

8 Teaches his children to chase after their dreams
Chasing after their dreams helps to build their courage. During their chase they will experience failures, difficulties, obstacles and even much regrets. Yet on the other hand they will develop strength, experience, be inspired, become a leader and grow to be independent. They will come to the realization that all of it was part of their amazing journey to success. In the end they can see that they have made a big difference in the world, it was really not all that bad, but in fact worth it.

A father’s success for his children is synonymous to what our Father God wants for all of His children. When you look at it our Father God’s total view of success was to first teach Adam what to do from the beginning. He said, “Be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.” Genesis 1:28.

The only way it could happen someone had to work. Success comes through working hard also with great assistance and instructions from fathers.



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