January 19, 2017

7 Reasons TUAC on Why Skin Color Should Not Keep Your Child from Succeeding

The First Lady Michelle Obama urges students to keep up diversity legacy. She told the students that if they take anything from the past eight years, “I want you to see that it does not matter what you look like, it doesn’t matter how much money your parents have – none of that matters. Skin colour, gender is the most ridiculous defining trait that we cling to. It doesn’t matter.”

The above remark was made to a group of students at the White House on Thursday, December 15, 2016, after a screening of “Hidden Figures,” a new biopic of three black female mathematicians who helped launch Americans into space. The 44th First Lady Michelle Obama was not speaking to those students to say that their race doesn’t matter; she was referring to herself and her husband, the 44th President Barack Obama, their legacy and their life experiences. She meant that if her and her husband can do it those students can too and now is their turn to do it. She acknowledged the fact that if they are willing to succeed in life they must not let the color of their skin prevent them from succeeding.
Wouldn’t we all love to live in a post-racial utopia where everything is perfect and we all get along as ONE? But we’re far from it and it doesn’t exist.  Race still affects people in the real world. As much as it pains to say, “Due to racism and racial discrimination Race Matters!” It matters to the point that many are denied access to an equal opportunity. It matters when your child is seeking a job, looking for a home or just walking in his own neighborhood there are people in this world who will remind him of his race.
When you sit down with your child to discuss and educate him about race you can let him know that race does not define him it only identifies him. You need TUAC on how unique he is, help him to recognize each individual race differences, while acknowledging that many have the same common interest.  Encourage him to do his best in everything he pursues and never allow the color of his skin to keep him from becoming successful.

Here are the 7 Reasons Why Skin Color Should Not Keep Your Child from Succeeding:

1. Race Matters, but NEVER when it comes to his Success

Here is another phrase that I often hear, “Race shouldn’t matter, and the only race that should matter is the Human Race!” I agree that race should not matter, but only if you are applying for a job, taking a test, in a competition or walking in your neighborhood. But it is crucial that we talk to our kids openly and honestly about race, that we give them the words and language to understand both the superficial outer differences between people, as well as the very real, lived differences that exist under the surface. We need to teach them to respect and value those differences as well as the many similarities that all people share.
2. When He Dream Big and Work Hard He Can Become Effective and Competent

Once you have educated your child on race you can help him to dream big. You can help him to understand that his skin color would not hold him back in the real world as long as he works hard.  Teach him that he can do the inevitable, all possibilities are there and there are no limits. There is nothing too hard for God, with Him all things are possible, but he must do his part in order to become effective and competent.
3. Success comes when He Prepares Himself, by Training, Studying , and Working Hard
No one race is greater or better than the other. Some have an advantage over others because of how society made it to be. Nonetheless, God made each individual the same, “In His image and likeness created He them, Gen. 1:27 and “He has given us all the same measure of faith. Rom. 12:3.”  To be successful in life your child must be taught that hard work pays off. Not much in life is accomplished without working hard continually no stopping until he has accomplished. In order to succeed and make it into the big league and advance in society he has to be exceptional. To become exceptional he has to study for it, train for it, prepare for it, pursue it, then just do it.
4. He should Remain Steadfast, Be Consistent and Stay Focus
Aside from preparing, training and studying hard, your child should know how to be steadfast, by Following One Course Until Success. There should be absolutely no distractions and no matter what is going on in his life keep his eyes on the finish line; the prize. Explain to him that although he (or the entire family) may be going through some really difficult times right now, just remember that these present sufferings are temporary and this too shall pass. As long as he remains steadfast, be consistent and stay focus along with knowing what is most important there will be no stopping him.
5. He should Avoid Negative and Ignorant People
If you don’t teach him about race there are negative and ignorant people who will. Some will do it in a way that is mean and hurtful. These are the ones who are hurting and love hurting others by putting others down and saying negative things such as, “You would never amount to anything.”  (I will share in a blog how those words hurt me but never broke me). Then there are those ones who with their negative beliefs will try to inform and influence your child’s confidence and belief to do the same, by persuading your child to become a racist bigot like they are.
6. He can be Proud to know that Others just like himself have Succeeded
Neglecting TUAC on Race you are withholding information about his own race. Rather than training “colorblind” teach him to be comfortable in his own skin and about how proud he should be of the color of his skin. Teaching about race would help him to see beyond race. Let your child learn to appreciate the beauty of all race and respect others who are not the same as he is. Teach him of others who were of the same race and have become accomplished and successful. There are books you both can read and movies he and the whole family can watch together that will educate the entire family on those successful people. You yourself will be surprise what you and your family can learn together.
7. Looks and Money Does Not Define A Race, So He Should Be Proud The Way God Made Him

It doesn’t matter what your child looks like, the amount of monies you have or the lack there of your child can be proud. There are many adults of all different race that came from a poor home, and uneducated family, yet they became successful. When my eldest daughter came home crying saying her classmates told her she was too dark I told her how beautiful and smart she is. I made up a song and had her sing it, “I’m dark and lovely and smart with it!” She is now more than ever comfortable in her skin; she walks, talks and dresses with confidence. She totally believes that her black is beautiful.
Focusing on education alone is not all you should teach your children, they also need to be taught about all the happenings that are going on around them. TUAC on self-discipline; it holds the key to success


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