January 18, 2017
5 Best Time TUAC Parents and Let Your Baby Be Messy
If baby is able to grab and handle objects she is ready to handle finger foods. Not all of your baby’s finger food has to come from a box; you can make any food that you wish to serve your baby as long as those foods are age appropriate. You can offer finger foods that are very soft and easy to marsh.  

Finger Foods help your baby find his motor skills; it is where the drinking milk or formula alone ends and where the wonder of exploring various foods begins. As a developing eater finger foods can help her to figure out how to maneuver her food around in her mouth and learn how to chew. Finger Foods is the first step to self-feeding and at this time both you and baby can become frustrated. No time to panic and give up if your baby doesn’t pick up and hold the food right away, now is the best time TUAC on improving her pincer grasp by giving her small bits with lots of practice.  

What is the pincer grasp?

The pincer grasp is a developmental milestone that typically occurs at about 6-7 months of age. By using the index (forefinger) and thumb they are able to pick up small objects.

Best time to begin Finger Foods

I fully nursed my babies up until they were about 6 to 7 months, once I saw that they had the pincer grasp I then began introducing them to finger foods. So when your baby is about 7-8 months and you notice he is able to pinch and grip with the thumb and forefingers, you can encourage your baby to self-feed. Once your baby has the coordination of pinching by bringing her thumb and forefinger together, it’s then when you bring on the finger foods. Before you move on to various foods you first should learn about the developmental readiness that is needed for her appropriate age.

Best time to let baby be Messy

Until baby is able to chew a great deal do not feed her hard foods right away, keep in mind she is use to just swallowing. The softer the food the easier it is to go down. When she takes the finger food for the first time it could be messy. Babies sometimes tend to play with their food a bit by smashing it more in the fist or slam dunking it with hand flat against the mouth. Messy foods help baby to explore a variety of foods through her sense of touch as well as her senses of taste, sight and smell. While playing and smashing her food she may get it all on the face and hair but that is the fun of it all. It’s a great time to take a picture. Messy was fun-filling for my husband and our babies, the messier the baby the more photo-rific memory it was for him to collect.

Best time to know the difference between Gagging and Choking

Everyone, including your baby, have a gag reflex to prevent choking. Your baby’s gag reflex will cause her to thrust her tongue forward anytime there is something on the back of her throat.  Your baby’s tongue-thrust reflex can cause early feeding to be challenging. She may gag with her first experience of food, don’t be too alarmed at this, she probably over stuffed her mouth or pushed the food too far in the back of her mouth.  If she is coughing and making sounds she is gagging and will probably bring back up the food or she will instantly start to gum it. Bear in mind that once baby knows how to master the pincer grasp most likely any and everything she sees will end up going into the mouth. This can become dangerous if you don’t pay close attention while baby is playing or eating solid foods choking can occur.  If she doesn’t make any sound and is unable to breathe and looks terrified then she could be choking. Your assistance would be urgently required.

Best time to give these Types of Finger Foods

Foods that would not dissolve in the mouth or cannot be mashed up with her gum are hazardous and are a risk for choking. I made certain everything given to my babies were mash-able, seeded and peeled.  I took pride and joy making my very own foods; such as soft boiled fruits and veggies, then diced; baked sweet or white potatoes – stripped or diced. It was a joy seeing my babies eat something I specially prepared for them rather than something packaged.

Best time for Spoons, Forks, Knives and Regular Cups

Usually between 9 and 12 months your baby has become a pro with her pincer grasp and has the ability to grip and hold small objects between thumb and forefinger. By now she has also mastered a few other finger skills, hence the time to move on to holding a spoon and a regular cup. You will know when it is time TUAC on expanding her dining repertoire to a fork and a knife.

Sometimes allergies can occur, if you see skin rashes and unusual breakouts on your baby it could be that she is allergic to some foods. I discovered my youngest was allergic to dairy products, milk and cheese makes her sneeze. When serving any new foods to your baby or toddler you should consult your pediatrician.

Most importantly, make certain that your baby is sitting upright in her chair when it is feeding time. It would be extremely helpful to baby if she has some company while she is eating, so it would be great for you to sit and eat at the same time as your baby. Dinner time for your baby does not have to be alone it should be dinner time with family.


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