The Importance of Training Children To Eat Healthy

Training children to eat healthy is not always as easy as it seems. Not every child is going to eat what is placed before them no matter how much you insist they would become healthy and strong. But if you begin at a very early age then maybe you would have a lifelong healthy eater.


Encouraging toddlers into healthy eating is essential. Healthy eating has its benefits that may last throughout your child’s entire life. When you start your toddler with healthy foods many health issues that can affect him from childhood into adulthood can be avoided.

About the same time you begin feeding him solids is the time to have him eating healthy. Better TUAC from the start, than waiting until he grows older becomes ill and discovers it is the food he eats that is making him sick.



“From Veggie Hater to Vegan” by Keva NE Newbold/February 8, 2017
Luk Jiang came from a very brilliant and successful family. He was taught by his parents to become someone special. To make the world a better place to live in than how he saw it while growing up. Although he was taught to deal with change and the world around him he couldn’t for the life of it think why he always thought vegetables were the most boringness food on the planet earth.

His parents did everything to see that he ate his vegetables, he ate the whole plate full, but that didn’t mean that he liked and enjoyed eating them. For every time his mother gave him a plate with vegetables on it he would put his hand on his cheek and sulk. Throughout the entire meal he would mope and complain on how awful everything taste and question why he had to eat it.

Seated at his desk he read over once again his speech for his seminar. When he came across a certain paragraph he paused for a moment. He grinned to himself as he reminisce on the day when he was about 6 years old, his parents forced him to eat all of the vegetables on his plate.

“Do I really have to eat this stuff mommy? Everything tastes like rubber and trees,” he complained. “This is rabbit food.”

“Eat up! Everything in that plate is good for you,” his mother would say.

“It will keep you healthy and strong,” his father replied as he placed a folk full of vegetables in his mouth.

“You keep eating you will soon get use to eating it all,” said his mother.

“No I won’t I will never like vegetables. You have been saying that from I was a baby and I still don’t like them. I rather eat an ant.” He said.

“Oh son, ants are not good for you and they are not healthy,” Mr. Jiang said with a frown.

“But they eat sugar I am sure they taste sweet. Everything tastes better than veggies!” he said with a pout.

With a passion he hated vegetables and there was not one that he liked. No matter what his parents told him how good they all were for his body he still hated eating every single one and would never fall in love with them. Ever! He thought to himself.

Ten years later and he still hated vegetables.

It wasn’t until twenty years later when Luk became quite ill and was diagnosed with a throat disease. He then went on a fast and lost weight. During the fast he realized that he was not feeling sick anymore.

Eleven days after his fast he returned to his doctor and was told he was fully cured. After he realized it was the food he was eating that made him sick, he stopped eating those kinds of foods, he became a vegan and never went back to eating unhealthy again.

After receiving his PhD he began spending his life as a Nutritionist; counseling his patients to eat healthy, while hosting motivational and nutritional seminars; empowering his audience on matters of food, nutrition and their health.

Dr. Luk Jiang sighed as he stared out his office window, he was thankful, but who would have ever thought he of all people would become a vegan.


This story was based on my youngest brother’s life. He had a few health issues; he did do the fast, lost weight and was cured. He began eating healthy and is now a vegan. His passion is motivating people, and encouraging them to have peace of mind and a healthy eating lifestyle. You can read about Janson “dr. J” Saunders in his book “Island Motivations: Don’t Make Excuses, Make Solutions.”

Starting a healthy lifestyle would help your child develop a natural preference for the foods they most likely would enjoy and Eat-MM-Up. The solution is to make healthy meals more appealing to your child.


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