7 Top Things Fathers Can Do To Help Their Children Eat Healthy – How TUAC (Train Up A Child)
Fathers have a great influence on his children’s eating habits.

Sunflower Sharing Her Snack With Her Pappoff
by Keva NE Newbold/June 8, 2017

Audrey 2 - Sharing Snack with her Pappoff - TUAC Photo 2017

Sunflower loves sharing her snacks with her grandfather. She loves it when he takes whatever it is that she offers him. She claps, "Yay, Pappoff like it!"

So in her mind, it must be really good if her grandfather can eat what she feeds him it, then she eats it too.

Getting children to eat certain foods is not the key aspect of healthy eating.  Having them eating healthy continuously should be our top priority. Fathers are the best at getting children to healthy eating.

Here is how they can do it:

1 Having Dinner with the family
I cannot express this enough, “Dinner time should be family time!” It doesn’t have to be every night. Some fathers (also some mothers) work late, but he can set aside a day when he can be home so that the entire family can sit at the table to eat meals. When the whole family is seated at the table having dinner gives children (especially picky-eaters) a great internal motivation to want to eat the meals that’s placed before them.

2 Taking the Family out to Dinner
Fathers you don’t have to wait on special occasions to take your family out to dinner. A night out can be a turning point for that picky-eater if Dad takes them to an all you can eat restaurant. Children are always watching, if dad puts some vegetables on his plate and a small one on his son’s also to try, more than likely that picky-eater would try it. Even if dad doesn’t put it on his son’s plate, that little guy who wants to be like his father and do what dad does, would eventually do the same and put veggies on his own plate. That’s the power of modeling dad.

3 Helping to feed the toddler
Feeding a toddler can be lots of fun when fathers do it. While feeding they make the best animal sounds to make their toddler laugh so that when she opens her mouth in goes the spoon, then their toddler starts to eat. This is repeated until toddler is full. At the end both dad and toddler have accomplished their task during that special feeding time. To dad, his goal of getting his little toddler to eat was complete, but to that toddler he adored that time spent with dad, which was both food-filling and fun-filling.

4 Holding baby while giving him a bottle
During the first few months of an infant’s life they tend to wake up several times throughout the night mothers are usually over exhausted. It is then that good helpful fathers steps in and give a helping hand. He lets his wife get some rest while he feed their infant. He off course knows what to do so he warms the milk and holds his baby while giving him his bottle. This is a most precious moment for both father and baby, a great time for bonding.

5 Eating from your toddler
Watching a toddler putting a piece of her food (with drool and all) into her father’s mouth is a joy…the moment is Priceless! Not many men would take food from a toddler if that toddler had his or her hand in his or her mouth, especially if they can see dribble is all over that hand of food. Taking food when a toddler gives it to you is a very big deal to our toddler. Most fathers can’t stomach doing so, but my husband have learned after having so many youngsters in the home you’ve got to try it at least once. His advice to fathers and grandfathers, “Keep a bottle of water close by in the event you have to flush and a napkin just in case you need to cough.”

6 Help cook meals in the kitchen
Fathers should help with cooking real homemade meals in the kitchen to help take some load of his wife. Reflecting on the first day my husband joined me in the kitchen was the Sunday morning after we got back off our honeymoon, he’s been joining me ever since. I taught him how to make peas and rice, also baked macaroni and cheese; he is great at making both. Our children always say he prepares them better than I do. Off course I don’t mind, it is what boost him up to get cooking in there.  When fathers learn how to cook real homemade meals for their families, their presentation is different and incredibly appealing even picky kids can’t help but want to try.

7 Cleans up without a fuss or complaint
Unlike some of us mothers who tend to freak-out when any of the children spills something on the floor, fathers never think it is a big deal, well never my father and certainly not my husband. My husband usually can’t wait for the opportunity to make a joke about an accident in the kitchen. He would say, “You didn’t hurt the floor aye?” and my father would say, “Its fine accidents are a part of life’s lessons!” Then he’ll continue and say, “Better clean that up before the floor gets mad and trip ya!” My husband knows his way around the kitchen and he truly loves working in a clean environment. He washes as he goes and when he’s finished with meals and leaves the kitchen it is spotless, from the floor to the counters. Not even a silverware is left in the drain. How he does it? He learned it from his father. I’ve see traits passed down to our two adult sons.

It’s really not a bad idea to let your sons help in the kitchen, men are incredible cooks, they too will find preparing homemade meals from scratch rewarding in the future.

Do you have some great memories with you and your child or grandchild please share with us along with some photos. With your permission I will post it.

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