Why Parents shouldn’t be Demanding with a Picky Eater – How TUAC (Training Up A Child)

Children are not going to always like our home cooked meals. Whether they grew up in our home or just moved in or just came for a visit they want what their taste buds is accustomed to eating.

    Fast Food Junkies Scorn Home-Cooked Meals
by Keva NE Newbold/March 24, 2017

     When Len’s nephew Jace first came to live with him it was a total transition for the both of them and the entire family. Jace was 7. He was a very picky eater, and all he wanted to eat was fast food and snack all day. Everything Len’s wife placed on the dinner table and in front of Jace he refused to eat. His uncle Len was not having it. With each meal Jace turned down his uncle Len would demandingly say, “Young man you are not going to move from that table until you have eaten all your food in your plate.” But to no avail was Jace obeying and became rebellious. He’d rather starve than eat the plate of food in front of him. He was unfamiliar with everything in his plate.
   Two nights later his stomach began to rumble he was really hungry. He couldn’t take it any longer so he went into the kitchen in search of something he could eat to satisfy his stomach. He searched and searched and searched but he found nothing he liked. His aunt and uncle came into the kitchen and caught him off guard. “What are you doing up Jace?” His uncle asked. “Nothing, I was heading to the bathroom and I lost my way.” His uncle point and said, “That way!” When he started to leave his aunt stopped him. “Wait, I have something for you.” She took a bowl out of the refrigerator. “Sit!” His uncle said with a smile.

   After warming up the item in the bowl his aunt set it on the table in front of him and said, “Here you go!” He looked at it and when his eyes beheld what was in the bowl they opened wide and his face lit up. “Wow for me?” He asked with a smile. Without hesitation he dug in and ate real fast. His uncle Len tried to slow him down. “Whoa there short stop, slow down before you choke yourself!” Uncle Len said. “This is so good!” Jace said barely stopping for air in between bites. “When did you all go out to get this? It taste different but this is my favorite kind of food.” “We know, and we didn’t go out to buy it.” His uncle said. “No we didn’t, I made it myself.” His aunt said.

   Jace was surprised, but he must admit it tasted better than the fast food he was use to having. And he knew that if she cooked his favorite food to taste better than the restaurant his mother always took him to then they didn’t have to convince him any further to eat his aunt cooked meal ever again.

   Ever since that night Jace tried every meal. Not everything he liked right away, but at least he tried and taste it before he decided he didn’t like it. Eventually his taste buds caught up and got use to all that was placed in front of him.


We have to keep in mind that we can’t always take that demanding approach when it comes to meal time. Rebellious sets in when we try to demand them to eat what we placed before them.

All parents need to remember that we were all once children ourselves and there were foods we choose to eat and others we choose not to eat no matter how convincing our parents, grandparents, guardians, or aunts and uncles were. Eventually we became accustomed to eating it because our eating habits change as we grew older.

Those of you who are concern whether your picky eater or food jagger is getting a variety of nutrients your family doctor/Pediatrician can answer all your questions.

Sometimes you’ll find that one day your child would eagerly eat certain foods then the next day or week would refuse that exact same meal. It’s a common thing for kids to have picky days.

It really shouldn’t matter how picky they tend to be parents should beware of introducing your children to too much fast food especially at a very early age. Once hooked it is hard to break free and get them use to your home-cooked meals. Going out to eat could be a treat for special occasions and celebrations.

Relax and be calm they will eventually come around.

Having a little compassion, patience and understanding for a picky eater or a food jag can guide them into the right direction to a fuss-free fun-filled mealtime with family so that everyone is seated at the dinner table to Eat-MM-Up.


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