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Here Are My Top Reasons Why I Home Educate My Children - My Homeschooling Journey – How TUAC (Train Up A Child)

My journey as a homeschooling/home education mom was not easy, but it truly was amazing, exciting and rewarding.

Long before I homeschooled I knew of other families who were doing it. I watched them with their children and I saw the bond they had. They took vacations during regular school year and they enjoyed themselves traveling a whole lot. I have seen how it has helped bring parents and children together.

At first I didn’t know if I could homeschool my children. Not that I didn’t feel qualified, far from it. Family members and friends often asked me if I was a school teacher, which I wasn’t but they felt I fit the requirements. Max and I always loved having children around us, we have four of our very own and there were many others, our home was always filled with them. Don’t think our home will ever be empty or free of children, now that we are grandparents.

My life has always been extremely busy as a wife and mother, with a full time government job and an entrepreneur. We even owned an after school program to help children with their homework and help improve their grades. So the thought of me homeschooling my own children never crossed my mind until my daughter came to me one evening and told me she wanted to be homeschooled because some of her friends’ parents  took them out of regular school to be homeschooled. At this time the three eldest were attending private school.

After my husband and I discussed it, we decided to do our homework.  We researched all about homeschooling and what it entails. Then spoke to some of my homeschooling moms. With their help, my husband and I began to prepare ourselves for the task at hand and the rest is history.

The reasons we Home Educate

What it means to Us as a Family
First of all, we prefer to call it home education because we educate our children at home. Secondly, our children were now free from the traditional school approach to learning. Thirdly, it is not all about homeschooling nor is it about the subjects they are given to work on, nor is it about the lessons they have to complete, and neither is it about how many hours they spent working and studying. Fourthly, it is about us educating them with the things they need to know, things they get to learn from us as their parents who are their original teachers from the day they were born. Fifthly, each minute of every day becomes an educated moment to learn something new, become knowledgeable of things which they would never be taught in a regular school setting. Finally, the time spent together where both parents and children learn together.

The Bond
The strong family close relationships which we have with each other, others outside of our family do not understand. “Only those who knows it, feels it.” The close connection we have as a family could never be measured. When it comes to both father and mother working together with their children it makes it that much easier to bring the family together in unity. It doesn’t matter if one spouse works full time and one stays at home or if both parents are at home, working with our children helped ignite their learning. Everyday can be and will be a continuous learning experience. Learning together as a family is significantly important to us and our children no matter how old they become. It has built trust on both ends; we have three adult children and one teenager, no matter what they get themselves into they still know we are the ones to call or come to for help and advice.

Safest Environment
As simple as my name is people always pronounce it wrong and not even my teachers got it right. My children’s names are not easy to pronounce so we all never had to worry about other classmates who would laugh and tease them if a teacher cannot pronounce their names so she sounds out a name far from it. Most of all, as a parent I never had to worry about their safety while they were at home being educated by me and their father. They were in a safe, worry free and very comfortable environment. They have fewer worries of being bullied, shot, laughed at and teased.  

Learn Independently
When we first began I wanted all the children to work the same 5-6 hours they did while in regular school, but as time went by things changed. I took in three of my nephews and began to home educate two of them also, I noticed they all (mine included) wanted to do their work at different times. Some got up very early and was finished with work before lunch. Some wanted to sleep in late and start working mid-afternoon. Some kids were night owls in the mood to do some work while everyone was quiet and asleep, and the time just when every part of my entire body was finally shutting down for the night. In reality, they all learnt and done things differently. As long as they were turning in their assignments on time, I wasn’t fool enough to change the rhythm they had going on. No matter how they learned I did my best to train them to become independent learners, and they truly did great on their own. My eldest daughter finished high school before the scheduled date. One of my nephews finished a whole year before his appointed completion date. Not bad I’d say!

Our children attended public, private and home schools. Having tried all the schools I must say that homeschooling have been the greatest joy for my family. Our eldest was the only one of our four children who never homeschooled, and the only one to graduate from a regular private school. The two middle ones have already completed home education and the youngest has several more years to go. I’ve tried several homeschooling programs; too many of them were structured and felt like my children were back in a regular school system. The way our life was set up and as busy as we were I needed a home education program that was more flexible. I found one that allowed my children to choose the subjects they wanted to learn and that was more beneficial to them in their future endeavors.

Learn Anywhere
Whether you are going to homeschool from toddler or older you don’t have to sit all day at a desk learning with computers or workbooks. There is no need to sit for very long periods of time teaching and trying to explain lesson after lesson. Although some homeschooling parents rearrange their home into a classroom setting you don’t have to. With all the children I home educated at one time my husband and I had each seated at their own individual desk, but we saw to it that they get up for lunch, took them out to the library, to the zoo, on field trips, we got them involved in after school sports, music, community services and other activities. Whatever they participated in we attended their games and activities, as long as they completed and turned in what needed to be done before the day was over. It didn’t matter if they completed it before their games or when they return home, I made certain work was finished.

Quality Time
Spending as much time with each individual child helped me to see their needs and know their interests. With the quality time spent with each individually I got to know firsthand as to how each child is learning, what I need to look for, and how to help them stay focused. I found out when was the best time to discuss behavior.  During this time we worked on their weaknesses to help build strong characters. Reading lots of books together, having fun, helping each other out. That is what it is all about for us as a family. Time spent together builds memories that last and will be treasured for a lifetime, but time spent apart is lost and could never be retrieved.

My home education journey had its ups and downs, but we manage to overcome all obstacles. I took on a challenge that I knew what I wanted the outcome to be. I had a really rough start, but throughout all the road bumps, I managed to begin driving on smooth road. Eventually I was able to get into a smooth rhythm going. Still have some road bumps, but I’m able to handle them with ease now.

Reflecting back to the hardest two weeks of my homeschooling journey: It was the time when we only had one vehicle; a drunk driver ran into us and totaled it. Then we were out of internet for two weeks, we’ve always did virtual schooling, so our children were without WiFi. That didn’t stop us. The Library was about 15 minutes walk away from our home. The entire family walked to the library so that the children could do their school work and we walked back home. Those were the most challenging days, so much so that I questioned myself. The most important thing about that time, we had each other and we all persevered together as a family. My grandmother taught me a “Whole-Lot-Ta-Ness,” which by the way I’ve been using and still do to this very day.
My Family - LOVE - The Bond that Unites Us
TUAC Photos 2017

Homeschooling is not the topic that I blog on. I am not an expert in giving you expert advice on the topic. But I do have several good years of experience doing so. I successfully home educated my three out of my four children, a grandniece and a few nephews; along with helping other homeschooling moms when their children who have had problems with a subject or lesson. My blogs are about “How TUAC” (Train Up A Child). Several questions were asked of me about homeschooling and I thought to blog a few on the topic in response to those who inquire, also for those who are doing some research and are in need of some questions answered.

I hope by me sharing my top reasons for home educating has helped in some way. There are a whole lot of information out there that will also help and guide you.

Best of luck to you on your journey!



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