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What is A Father’s Role – How TUAC (Train Up A Child)
The role of a father is vitally important, one of the greatest responsibility in a man’s life and essential for him to live up to.

There is no question about it that a mother’s role is a very tough one. But don’t be mistaken that a father’s role is that of an easy Sunday afternoon stroll. It most certainly isn’t, it just appears to look as though it is.

Both mothers and fathers play a very important role in their children’s lives. They both have an remarkable responsibility, but where moms are great at their role, committed dads’ are basically better when it comes to their role.

Believe me when I say I don’t feel less than a woman by saying, “Fathers are better, funnier and more relaxed at their roles than we mothers are at ours.”

We mothers tend to take our role very seriously, we get all irritated and freak out, we work hard, we don’t goof off, we don’t know how to have fun while working, and it seems like the harder we work our work is never done.

But fathers on the other hand they work smart, they have fun, they goof off a little, they make animal sounds, they make silly jokes, give the best piggyback rides, can walk for miles and stand a very long time with a kid on their back and one on their shoulder, they play rough and our kids love them for it. They keep on going back for more.

My husband he lives to have a great time with our children and the most excited one during family vacations. He is the one who goes on all the roller coaster rides with our children, funny thing is he talks to the kids about the rides he’s going to go on before we even take the trip or reach at the theme park.

He cooks the fun meals, he is there to every sporting event, he’s the loudest fan, he helps coach our children with their sports and music, he spends a whole lot of quality time with them, he enjoys shopping, especially the grocery store, and he is the one they go to for all business advice. He’s just the most inimitable father ever.

Although my husband is the fun parent, he is still a disciplinarian who leads by example. He protects them, shows them love, teaches them right from wrong and he is committed to being there for them anytime they need him.

A role of a father is to have the 5 Ls:
  • Lead his family - He has to be a leader inside and outside of his home, where he is leading by example. His children are always watching.
  • Love his family - Love his wife as Christ loves the church, always treats her special because she is his queen and “best thing.” He doesn’t just say to his kids he love them but he shows them that he loves them – in word and in deed.
  • Loyal to his family – Committed at all cause. Faithful to his wife and always keep his word to his children. Spending valuable time with his family is vital to him. His family is most significant, first and foremost; so there is nothing or no one more important than his family.
  • Liable and protective of his family – Making certain he provides for his family. He protects his family. He never leaves them without praying for their safety in his absence. He makes sacrifices and sees to their need first.
  • Leaves an inheritance for his family – His wife would have no worries of bills being paid if he was to ever leave this earth before she does. He sees to it that his children and his children’s children are all well secured financially whenever he passes away.

I couldn’t write about the role of a father without asking one to share his role. So I asked the father of our four children, my husband, to share with my readers what his role as a father is and this is what he shared:
"My Role As A Father"
by Evangelist Maxwell L. Newbold - June 12, 2017
Father of Four, Mentored Young Men for over 30 years
Outreach and Evangelism Ministries - Newbold Ministries,
President of BoldGetters and BoldNewTees

I understand as a father that the position God has placed me in is to honor His word to the fullest. My responsibility is now and would forever be to point my children in the direction that they should go. God’s plan for humanity is to have the male man lead. This is not taking away from the female but just exercising the order of God.

Let’s look at the definition of father. A father is one that natures, one that instructs, one that disciplines, one that encourages, one that motivates,  and one that represent God in the earth. Any child that is void of his or her father will also be reluctant in submitting to God Himself.

Leaving an inheritance also is another responsibility given to fathers. Prosperity of a father will always be an indicator of the type of father he was. I purpose to be one that leaves an inheritance that will reflect the nature of God here in the earth.

Another position that God outline in His word for fathers is to protect those that God has blessed him with. Adam was a poor example of that mandate so much so that God had to ask him where he was. It was not that God didn’t know where he was. But because that responsibility to lead was solely given to Adam God just had to ask the question.

In today's vernacular God would be asking, “Adam what happen?”

Adam was absent in his protection of Eve.

Again we can look in our society and see that some fathers have become impotent of their responsibility of protecting their family. My position is to exercise those instructions outlined in the word of God. Being the gatekeeper of every aspect of my children’s lives through the way they dress, speak, see and hear.

These things might seem minute but it is my responsibility as a father to protect. The action of protecting my children is graded in His word. So much so, and I paraphrase, “if a man cannot take care of his house he cannot lead in any area of life.”

This does not mean that the children, whom I have protected and raised who have all turned out good and had no flaws while they were young, will continue to be perfectly good all the days of their life. No matter how well I as a father train my children in the way he or she should go my good children will eventually make some bad choices that will lead to mistakes made in his or her life.

Good children will disappoint. Good children will have regrets. Good children will mess up. Even if only once in their life, a good child will either try drugs, try smoking, try drinking, try cursing, and try watching porn or an x-rated movie. They will try to be rebellious, they will try to compare you with their friends’ parents, they will try to test your faith, and they will try to fit in with the crowd and maybe even try to bully.

However, the best thing about good children is the training they had while growing up, they shall never departed from it no matter the mistakes they’ve made, they will admit to their mistake, ask for forgiveness and get back on track.

Finally, being of age doesn’t mean that my children are ready to handle the world the minute they leave our nesting place. As much as I hate to, I have to leave room for them to make their own decisions and allow them to make their mistakes. They maybe older but as their father I have to always be there for my children because it is my God given responsibility; also because they will still need my guidance and advice no matter how old they get.”


Maxwell Newbold explains more about his training as a father in my next Brain Pumping Blog, “What Amazing Things Can Fathers Teach Their Children”…Click here to Read More.



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