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5 Most Important Reasons TUAC – Train Up A Child Early

Training really can begin from in the womb but after birth “infancy” is where the real training begins. Your child’s brain is making connections very quickly shortly after he is born. Therefore it is truly important for parents to begin training and teaching your child at this time.
Some people don’t think it matters how early you train your children as long as you train them. Indeed, it matters a great deal how early we train our children.  Parents who train their children as early as “infancy” usually produce better results than those who wait until they are older. Essentially, it is important to start TUAC early in their life.

Here are the 5 Most Important Reasons TUAC Early:

1 It is Important because You get Great Results from Training Early

It is not always easy to do so but the results are remarkable. It can become the most demanding and complex job in the world but the most enjoyable and rewarding. You get to see your results of your hardest labor when they make you proud and in return they start doing things for you and giving generously to you.

2 It is Important while Your Child is Curious and Anxious to Learn

Children are very inquisitive they constantly question you about everything; they want to learn about their surrounds and the world they live in. During this time they are very vulnerable and would believe almost anything you tell them. Teach them the things they need to know to help direct them in the way they need to go.

3 It is Important that Your Child knows how to Stay Focus Early

It can be difficult to train your child because they are so easily distracted. Train them in a particular way so that they would remain focus especially when they are in school. A constant reminder of why they should “Stay Focus” helps a great deal. It is like watering a plant it needs to be imbedded into your child on a daily basis. That way: a. he would not become easily distracted in school and b. he will not become easily influenced by his peers.

4 It is Important Your Child is Train to have a Good Routine

Unfortunately, children do not like doing or eating things that are good for them. Once you set out a routine you have to see that they follow through. Not because he is now 6 you must stop asking if he brushed his teeth this morning or remind him to go and brush it before bed time. A routine has to become a habit and with some children it takes years before they make eating veggies, combing their hair and brushing their teeth a habit. Similar to reminding them daily to, “Stay Focus” in order for them to maintain their daily routine it also has to become a constant reminder.

5 It is Important because they are observing and mimicking our every move

We are their Personal Trainers and their role models so they will follow our examples. We are scrutinized daily as a result they are automatically inclined to follow both positive and negative examples. Our examples are more influential to our children than our training and principles. Watch what you say around them they will repeat it. Watch what you do around them they will imitate you.

Parents have the greatest privilege to shaping children in the way we know they ought to go. The way we train will definitely have a permanent effect on our children’s life. It is important for us to use this time wisely.



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