About Us
MatKeKeMar Books came out from the first several letters of her four children’s names. Matthaniel, Kevaniel, Keshaundriel and Marlyn.

The Author preferred to use the bookstore name rather than Keva N.E. Newbold name on the website, because she writes various different types of books. Also there are other family members that are very talented writers and would love to feature their books as they are published.

Although, she has a great passion for writing, her greatest passion is for God and her Family; and that is where her inspiration for writing comes from. She is a joyous, energetic, vibrant individual that love to see people around her smile. She loves to uplift, motivate, inspire, encourage and excite people. Therefore, her books were written with her readers in mind, the words she uses are simple to read and understand; hoping that simplicity would bring joy to those who read them and keep you, the readers, coming back for more of her books.

While all of MatKeKeMar Books were written for entertainment, her books are more than words in fine print. Some books have words with deep emotions attached to them, some are creativity to inspire, encourage, motivate, whereas others are the art to bring excitement, joy, laughter and comfort.

A person would want to read these books
to broaden their horizon, to see if there is any common ground or the same experience. Also, she understands that people read books to break away from the world and their everyday situations. She truly sees to the heart of people, things and her surroundings. Her writings are caricature with caustic humor and she pays immaculate attention to details to give you the reader a very clear picture of her stories.

These books are also available throughout a wide network for the internet and throughout several other bookstores. Contents are everyday life story.


This Is A Good Day To Be Alive