Thank you for visiting our bookstore where we have a variety of books to suit your needs. While this site features all of Keva NE Newbold’s published books, it also have books from other members of her family, poems, quotes, daily scripture verses, announcements, newsletters, her blog, pictures, videos she created and many more exciting items and materials.

The Founder of this book store knew that when people are looking for a great book to read they are interested in how it looks, what they want to learn or what they can learn more of, what’s inside of it, the quality, how it is presented, if it is interesting, and the contents. She also realize that in real life people compare themselves with others and their success, so they like to read to learn how to cope and associate with others, to be inspired in order to climb to the next level so they too can become successful; and furthermore, they want to know how to deal with the people around them, their situations, and society.

Her books are not sophisticated, but like other books they have natural things in them, nothing out of the ordinary, and based on the way they are structured, not hard to understand. Some of her books tell about her life experiences. She writes fiction and nonfiction books. The descriptions of her writings are filled with wonderfully vivid imaginations. She wants her readers to feel each emotion and see the characters in her books clearly as if they were standing right there in the room with you.

Please continue to explore our website. Search for the book that is right for you, your children or a gift for a friend or family member. Write us a comment on how you find our Website, our Books and drop us a line to let us know that you would love to receive our News Letters to give you updates on new books, announcements, quotes, poems, interesting stories and other tales.

Happy Exploring, Happy Reading!!!





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